We all love well taken pictures, and we all love our computers. Combine these two and you obtain marvelous themes for Windows 7 and 8 that will change your desktop into a work of art.

Specially for you we present 12 great-looking Windows themes. All but the last one (which is panoramical, actually) work on both Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Swedish Spring theme

It's getting warmer and you would also like your computer to bloom? With Swedish Spring theme you will certainly feel warm rays of sun on your face even if you spend your whole days indoors. Choose between twelve different pictures taken in Sweden.


Butterflies of Nagpur theme

This theme is dedicated to all the zoologists out there who would like to observe the gracefulness of 15 ephemeric, colourful creatures.


New Zealand landscapes: One Tree Hill theme, Queenstown theme, and West Coast theme

Whether you would like to browse among 19 astonishing photos taken in Auckland's parks, 17 images of the beautiful city of Queenstown, or 17 pictures of New Zealand's magnificent beaches, these themes are certainly for you. Feel the atmosphere of the unforgettable Lord of the Rings' film and embark on a journey to the Middlearth. :-)


Alascan Landscape theme

If you prefer a wee bit cooler surroundings you may find the Northern state of the United States highly appearling. Transfer yourself to a cold county of snow-covered mountains and gold mines without taking a step from your desk.


Sardinian Shore theme

Explore the stupifying beauty of Sardinia and nearby islands in a magnificent collection of 13 photos.


Coastal Germany theme

If you think that Germany is all about express roads, expensive cars and lager, think again. This collection of 8 images depicting the Baltic Sea, Prerow Lake, and Warnow River will help you discover the charms of Mecklemburg-Vorpommern.


London Architecture theme

Maybe you would like to go on a trip to the cosmopolitan city of London, UK? With this theme of 17 astounding pictures you can explore all the landmarks of the British capital, including the Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, and London eye. Perfect for a 5 o'clock in frony of your PC.


The Beauty of Books theme

For all those bibliophiles around there we have a surprise: an illustrious set of 13 images of books and libraries from all around the world; you can almost sneeze on a dust of these heavy volumes.


Delectable designs theme

Whether you are on a diet and yearning for carbohydrates, or you are simply a sugar-lover there is a theme to satisfy your sweet tooth; a collection of 13 charming images meant to silence your cravings. These pictures, however, are much better, as they don't leave a trace either on your hips or belly.

Desert Panoramic theme

This theme is only for Windows 8 and, depicting the unique and moving beauty of deserts from all around the world, it can be used as a clip between dual monitors.

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