Today Google announced that its Image Search is about to be enhanced in order to become a better, more reliable device. While for the time being only pictures are displayed after typing in a keyword and it takes more steps to show information about a certain graphic, users are to be able to see both images and information on them simultaneously.

Google Images Associate Product Manager Honhyi Li claims on his blog that such changes are to be implemented in response to the users' needs and requirements. When the company enhances its visual search – and it is about to happen in a few days' time – people will be able to observe a bunch of smaller images just like now, but there would be one central image in a bigger scale, along with some information about it. Such an alteration should make browsing even quicker, Li says. It will also take significant weight off the bandwidth, which is great news for lower-speed connections' users. Other changes include the possibility of flipping through a slide show of images using just keyboard.