If you are trying to access certain areas of your YouTube including YouTube Studio, Playlists, Uploads and a variety of others but can’t because you keep being asked to sign in in a loop. This article will show you several different things you can do to solve the problem and fix the Google Account sign-in loop on YouTube.

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When everything is working normally, you shouldn’t have to sign into your Google Account to access content on Youtube more than once. Unless of course you move regions or try to access Youtube using a VPN. These instances will automatically trigger a new account sign-in prompt. Outside of those situations, you won’t be required to sign in to access any areas of YouTube.

So what is causing YouTube to keep asking you to sign in when accessing things like playlists, uploads and studio? It could be a number of different things but the usual causes are a sudden IP or location change, browser caching issues, or Internet connectivity issues. That said, my money is on browser caching as that seems to be the most common cause I’ve come across. Thankfully, this issue is one that can easily be fixed, so let’s get started.

How do you fix YouTube Google Account sign-in looping?

For most people, this will be the solution that solves all of your YouTube Google Account sign-in issues. Clearing your browser's cache and cookies. This is a universal fix that works for every single Internet browser. The only difference is the method that is used to clear your browser cache and cookies. If you are unsure how to clear your browser's cache and cookies, you can check out our guide for the process for the most common browsers below.

How to clear the cache and cookies in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, & Brave.

How to fix YouTube Google Account sign-in looping

On the odd chance that didn’t work for you.

So, if that didn’t work for you, there are a couple of different things you will need to do in order to solve this problem. The first is to check your Internet connection. Restart your modem/router and check to see if the problem goes away. The second is to switch to a different browser. If you are using Chrome, swap to Firefox etc. This will give you a clean slate to work from and allow you to sign in if you are in a rush.

Uninstall and Reinstall your Internet browser to fix YouTube Google Account sign-in looping.

This is another really quick and easy solution you can follow. Just uninstall and reinstall the Internet browser you are using. Once you have uninstalled your browser, install it again and sign back into your account. Everything should be working perfectly normal without any issues.

Double-check you don’t have issues with an extension or extensions.

If you are someone who uses a ton of extensions, one or more of these may be causing some issues, so go in and disable all of your extensions and try to sign into your Google Account on YouTube. If the problem goes away you know you have a problematic extension. Now you can slowly enable them one by one until you figure out the one causing problems.