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How to enforce YouTube adult content restrictions in Chrome on Windows.

Learn how to enforce all YouTube adult content blocks in Google Chrome on Windows. Making this change will prevent users from bypassing age restrictio...

How to backup/export YouTube playlists with links.

Learn how to backup and export your YouTube playlists with video links in an easy to view format. YouTube Playlists often go missing so this is a grea...

How to View, Edit or Delete your YouTube comment history.

Learn how to quickly and easily view, edit, or delete your YouTube comment history. It’s now all in one easy to access location so you don’t have to s...

How to fix black bars on the sides of YouTube ultrawide streams. (Letterboxing in Ultrawide 21:9)

Learn how to stream to YouTube in proper 21:9 Ultrawide (not the weird letterbox ultra-wide) using OBS or Streamlabs OBS.

How to get Dislikes back on YouTube. Show Dislike count on YouTube again.

Learn how to restore the dislike count on YouTube. How to show the dislike count on YouTube videos again.

How to fix can’t stream Genshin Impact from the Epic Games Store.

Learn how to troubleshoot the issue of not being able to Stream Genshin Impact from the Epic Games Store. A common issue Genshin Impact users are faci...

How to change the default playback quality YouTube uses on WiFi and Mobile.

Learn how to change the default quality settings of YouTube when you are using a mobile network or a WiFi network. It is possible to have two differen...

How to find missing playlists on YouTube. All playlists missing from YouTube fix.

Learn how to find all your missing playlists on YouTube. A quick and easy way to access all your playlists if you open YouTube and notice that everyth...

How to enable or disable Streamer Mode in Discord.

Learn how to enable or disable Streamer mode in Discord. A feature of Discord that blocks certain pop-ups and notifications from showing while you are...

How to unsubscribe from all the channels you are following on YouTube at once.

Learn how to bulk unsubscribe from channels you follow on YouTube. If you’ve amassed hundreds of followed channels over the years you may be due for a...

How to fix Back 4 Blood: Sign in Failed to sign in. The Profile Service is in maintenance mode. 76561198041823638.

Learn how to fix the issue causing Back 4 Blood error: Sign in Failed to sign in. The Profile Service is in maintenance mode 76561198041823638. An err...

How to fix Epic Games error LS-0018.

Learn how to fix error LS-0018 on the Epic Game Store. An error that prevents games from launching from the Epic Games client. 

How to fix Premiere Pro blank screen when pausing playback.

Learn how to fix Premiere Pro showing a blank screen when playback is paused. Fixing Premiere Pro stuck on a black screen during paused playback.

How to use Athenascope playlists as your ‘Be Right Back’ screen on Twitch or YouTube.

Learn how to use Anthenascope playlists as your Starting or BRB screen for your streams.

How to automatically create highlights from games like Apex Legends, Fortnight, Valorant.

Learn how to automatically create highlights for the games you play. Simply upload/import footage and AI will pull all your kills, downs, wins, etc fr...

How to fix Error 5000 on Twitch. Content not available.

Learn how to fix Error 5000: Content not available on Twitch when viewing from a browser.

How to set up Streamlabs Chatbot for YouTube.

Learn how to set up Streamlabs Chatbot for YouTube.

How to set up Streamlabs Chatbot for Twitch.

Learn how to set up Streamlabs Chatbot for Twitch.

How to search YouTube videos for specific words.

Learn how to search YouTube videos for specific mentions of a word or short phrase.

How to enable Twitch Radio to stream Twitch in audio-only mode.

Learn how to listen to Twitch Radio. Twitch audio-only Mode. A cool new way to listen to Twitch content if you don’t have the ability or data to watch...