There are three main things you need to be aware of when creating content for YouTube. Content, Thumbnails and Titles! All three play an important role and should work in unison to get people watching your content so follow along as we introduce you to a brand new Ai tool to help create titles for YouTube videos that will get you way more views than you are currently getting.

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If you are creating content for YoTube, you know there are three very important things that make a channel successful. Content! Thumbnails, and Titles. Which order these come in varies depending on who you speak to because they are all very important and play different roles in channel growth. While content is the primary driver of channel growth Thumbnails and titles work hand in hand to advertise your content to potential viewers.

With such a massive volume of content available, grabbing viewers' attention has become increasingly challenging. Without good thumbnails and good titles, even the best content will go unwatched. So we’re going to take a lot at some reasons why titles are so important and a little further on, how you can use Ai to create really good titles for YouTube videos.

Why YouTube Titles Are Super Important.

YouTube video titles act as the second point of contact between your video and potential viewers. For reference, Thumbnails are the first point of contact! Titles serve as a gateway to your content, and should expand upon the theme/story your thumbnail started with. A well-crafted title can entice users and increase click-through rates which ultimately boosts the visibility and success of your video and your channel.

How to Generate YouTube Video Titles Using AI

What Makes for a Good YouTube Video Title?

Accuracy and Clarity: A good title should accurately represent the content of the video. It should be clear, concise, and descriptive, providing viewers with a clear idea of what to expect. Misleading or clickbait titles may initially attract clicks but can lead to negative user experiences and damage your channel's reputation. People might click on your video and then click off early making YouTube think your content is less valuable.

Keyword Optimization: Including relevant keywords in your title can improve your video's discoverability. Conducting keyword research and incorporating popular search terms can help your video rank higher in search results and attract organic traffic.

Emotional Appeal: Emotions play a significant role in attracting viewers. Titles that evoke curiosity, excitement, or a sense of urgency can capture attention and drive clicks. Emphasize the value or benefit viewers will gain from watching your video.

Length and Formatting: YouTube truncates long titles, so it's crucial to keep them concise. Aim for titles between 50-60 characters to ensure they are fully displayed in search results. Using capital letters, punctuation, and engaging formatting can make your title visually appealing and stand out.

Don’t copy the big channels too much: You may think that copying huge YouTube channels is the best course of action but that will usually negatively affect your channel. Why? Well, big YouTube channels rely less on the algorithms and more on their subscriber base and their reputation, this means they can usually write whatever they want for a title and just rely on their thumbnail (usually with their face) to do all the heavy lifting.

The Power of Thumbnail-Title Combination

While a compelling title can pique viewers' interest, pairing it with an eye-catching thumbnail can significantly enhance its impact. The thumbnail-title combination creates a visual preview that entices potential viewers to click and watch your video.

Visual Representation: Thumbnails provide a visual representation of your video's content. Choose an image that accurately represents the essence of your video and captures attention. Incorporate bold colours, clear visuals, and compelling imagery that aligns with your title and content. It’s also a good idea to put your face in the thumbnail if that is relevant to your channel.

Consistency and Branding: Consistent branding across your thumbnails helps establish recognition and familiarity with your channel. Use consistent colours, fonts, and visual elements that align with your brand identity, making it easier for viewers to identify your videos in search results. Again this is where your face comes in handy! Use it if you are confident!

Contrast and Text Overlay: Adding text overlay to your thumbnails can reinforce the message conveyed in your title. Ensure the text is clear, legible, and large enough to be easily read in small thumbnail sizes. Just don’t overdo the amount of text on your thumbnail. Keep it simple.

The best Ai to Generate YouTube Video Titles?

Now for the good part! If you are having problems coming up with good, catchy, reliable titles for YouTube videos you can use an Ai tool called Blaze AI. This handy tool pumps out some really good YouTube video titles. All you need to do is enter a title suggestion to point the Ai in the right direction and a short description of your video or idea and then click submit. After that, you’ll get 5 YouTube video title ideas.

How to Generate YouTube Video Titles Using AI