Now that YouTube has removed the dislike count from all of its devices, in all international markets. A lot of people are extremely annoyed about the change. So much so that the YouTube app is getting 1-star review bombed in protest. All hope is not lost though as there is a quick and easy way to show the dislike count again! So follow along as we show you how to get dislikes back on YouTube.

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YouTube removing the dislike count on videos has proven to be one of the biggest controversies in recent times, with the majority of the YouTube userbase annoyed with the change. Dislikes have long been one of the only ways to protest against bad content. Dislikes on YouTube have also been one of the best indicators that a guide or tutorial is going to work.

Without a proper dislike tally, it’s harder than ever to sort the good from the bad without spending ages reading through the comments to find the answers you seek. There are a lot of theories on why YouTube has made this change though it will ultimately be a money and advertising specific change that probably won’t ever be undone. Thankfully there are ways to see dislike count on YouTube again.

It’s worth noting that there is a good chance YouTube will figure out how to further restrict peoples ability to restore the dislike button on YouTube. However, for the time being, and the foreseeable future, the current workaround should work fine. The next step is to find a working solution for mobile devices. If you want to get in on the protest action you can start review bombing all the YouTube apps and videos and stop using Google services altogether. A range of Google Alternatives. Voting with your wallet and data is the best thing you can do.

How to restore the dislike count on YouTube

How do you get Dislikes back on YouTube? Extensions to show dislikes on YouTube.

As always the community has come together and found a way to once again show dislikes on YouTube. As expected there are now specific extensions available that will make the dislike count on videos visible again. Unfortunately, this won’t work for mobile devices but it’s better than nothing.

  • To get dislikes back on YouTube, you’ll need to visit the Chrome Web Store and search Enhancer for YouTube.
  • Next click Add to browser and it will install on your Chromium-based browser.
  • By default, it will automatically show dislikes whenever you load a video, so there is nothing extra that you have to do. However! There are plenty of other features included in this extension that you’ll want to check out.

What else can Enhancer for YouTube do besides show Dislikes?

I’ve been using Enhancer for YouTube for quite a few years and it’s probably the best extension I have installed. The playback options and PIP mode settings are fantastic, to the point that I find using YouTube without them less enjoyable. Enhancer for YouTube is also one of the most organised and simplistic extensions available, everything is easy to use and organised with a simple checkbox system to enable or disable features.