Some time ago Microsoft offered a deal to Windows 7 users: they could purchase Windows 8 for a really low price. There was only one problem: no CD, DVD or ISO format file. Though the offer proved immensely popular, many users started to wonder what should they do once they wanted to have a fresh installation of the system. Luckily, there is a way of this jungle.

If you bought a laptop or a PC with Windows 7 after June 2012 you could buy Windows 8 for just a couple of bucks. But what if something went completely wrong one day and you would have to re-install the system from the scratch? Fortunately, Microsoft made it possible - though made sure to hide this feature well - to download and burn your Windows 8 disc for later use.

There are only a few steps you need to take to download your Windows 8 disc. Before you begin make sure you have your licence key - you will be asked to type it in throughout the process - along with an unused DVD disc. You will also need a stable Internet connection. I strongly recommend keeping your charger around if you are using a laptop.

Go to the official Upgrade to Windows 8 page. Read the instructions and click on "Install Windows 8" turqoise button.

Type in the licence key. Click on "Next". The installer will now download about 3 GB of data, so keep calm. When the download process is over, the installer will ask you whether you want to "Install Now", "Install by creating media", or "Install later from your desktop". Go for the second option.

Once you have picked up "Install by creating media", the installer will ask you whether you want to create a USB installer or - voila! - download an ISO file and burn it onto a DVD. The choice is yours. That was actually easy, wasn't it?