How to Add and Remove any icon from your Windows 10 System Tray.

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If your Windows 10 System tray or more recently as known the Notification Area is starting to be overrun by junk icons there is a way to remove all of them. Even the iconic clock.


How to add the Quick Launch toolbar to Windows 10, just like you had in older versions of Windows.

The little area in the bottom right-hand corner of your taskbar is home to many useful items by default you will generally find sound, network settings, and the trust windows clock, as well as an assortment of new icons including the continually annoying notifications box. I’d be surprised if many people find this useful to be honest.     

The process of adding, removing and customizing the icons in your notification area/system tray is really quite easy, it’s just somewhat tricky to track down if you aren’t looking in the right place. 

Customizing the icons displayed in your System Tray

To get to the place where we can change the icons displayed on the taskbar we will first have to open settings from the start menu, then select personalization finally clicking Taskbar at the bottom of the list. If your scroll the center pane down some what you will see an area called “Notification Area” there are two blue links here, we will start with the top one “Select which icons appear on the taskbar”  


Now you can go crazy, the choice is yours, feel free to turn them all off if you like. I personally, however, like to keep the “Volume” icon basically to know if I have mute on or off. It's always good to know if the video you are opening is going to blow you away or not, especially if it's NSFW….. The only other icon I like to keep is the “Network” icon which allows me to quickly check if my VPN hasn’t disconnected. There is no need to save the changes just flip the toggles to what you like and exit.


Note: On the other hand if you want all the icons displayed, you can turn everything on with one button, just flip the toggle “Always show all icons in the Notification area” to “On”

You can also remove the system icons in a similar manner just go back a screen to the place that displays “Notification Area” This time select option 2 “Turn systems icons on and off” To remove the system icons such as the “Clock” we will once again use the toggle menu. As restrictive as Microsoft made Windows 10 some areas a quite flexible, they allow you to customize just about all the system icons that appear on the taskbar: Volume, Clock, Network, Power, Input Indicator, Location, Action Center, Touch keyboard, Windows Ink Workspace and probably a few more that I may have missed.


Once you have had a field day turn the icons on and off until you get everything just right you can back out of the setting screen without saving, as the changes are instant and automatically apply.   

If you have other Icons that aren’t shown in either of the two menus we just went through, you will have to remove them manually. This can be done by either right-clicking the icon on the system tray and checking whether it has a “don’t show in system tray option” or with the program open go into its own settings menu or preferences menu and find the option for show/display system tray icon.

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