Having recently done a short guide on how to block users on Snapchat. Downloadsource thought we would follow it up with another guide, detailing how to block any Facebook user. Blocking a Facebook user is quite easy and Prevents a person from Contacting you in any way on the social media network, it also Prevents them from viewing any of your content.


How to Hide Your Birthday and "Is now friends with" Posts on Facebook.

It does not really matter what social media platforms you are using, whether it's Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or countless others. At some stage, someone or multiple someones is going to annoy or harass you. That's where the block function steps onto the scene. Most social media platforms, if not all, and even text messaging apps have a block function, finding where they keep the option though can be a little bit troublesome. So follow along closely and we will show you how to block anyone on Facebook.

Blocking a user on Facebook is going to have the Following effects:

- You will no longer automatically be friends or follow one another on Facebook.

- They will not be able to send you messages through Facebook Messenger.

- View your posts or visit your Facebook profile

- Search for you using Facebook's search engine.

- Re-add you as a friend.

- Mention, tag or invite you to any Facebook group or event.

- It will basically be as though you have deleted your account and no longer exist.

Note: Something to keep in mind is that if you still have mutual friends and you both comment on the same post, the other person will still be able to read any replies to your original comment, though they will not be able to see the actual comment. So someone who is intuitive will be able to notice they have been blocked.

How to Block People on Facebook From Your Computer and Web Browser.

The first thing you will need to do once you have logged into your Facebook account on your computer is to go directly to the page of the offender/person you wish to block. With their Facebook profile in front of you, bring your eyes over to the right-hand side of the screen near the option to Message, you will see 3 dots, next to this, click on it and select Block from the options. You will receive a prompt explaining what blocking that particular person will do, it will also ask you to confirm. Accept this and the person will be completely blocked.


To unblock a user if you have decided they are your friend once again, click on the Downward Arrow in the top right-hand corner of the Facebook page, select Settings, then select Blocking from the left-hand pane. Finally, click Unblock next to their name in the middle of the screen.


How to Block People on Facebook From the Android and iOS App.

If you can not get access to a computer or web browser, you can still block a person or persons from the mobile app in basically the same way as shown above. Once again go to the specific persons profile, then tap the icon next to the Message option (either a downward arrow or 3 dots pending your version and OS). As above, tapping the Block option will show you a warning message, tap yes to confirm and they will be fully blocked.


Unblocking Facebook Users on the Android and iOS Apps.

To unblock anyone you have blocked on Facebook from the mobile app, first, make sure you are logged in and on the home screen. Next, tap on the More icon which is the one to the right of the notifications icon. From here scroll down a long way until you see the option Account Settings, tap it to enter. You should now see Blocking in the menu, tap this and you will have reached your destination. Now just tap the Unblock button next to the name or names of the offenders. You will see you can also block a person from this same menu by either entering their name or email.