If you spend quite a while on YouTube, watching videos in HD you have most probably noticed that after some time films start to load veeryy sloowly, or their bufforing stops once you press "stop" button. It's nothing of a coincidence: the admins of the service implemented this nuisance to avoid overloading the sites' servers. However, there is a very easy "fix" to help you hinder these safety issues.

The limits set up on this service are, of course, the effect of its immense populaity. It can be easily imagined a situation when a few thousand people - and that's nothing far-fetched - watch the same video at once, with YouTube servers having to stream the clip to each and every person. It undoubtedly overloads not only the connections, but also the CPUs of these machines, especially if videos are in high quality full HD format. That's why transfer limits have been set. There is, however, an easy way to sneak your way into limitless watching

All you have to do is to get to your Windows firewall (or whatever firewall you are currently using) and block two IP adresses, namely and For example, in Windows firewall you would do something like that:

1. Click on Start, than Launch..., type in "cmd" and press Enter. This way you get to Windows' terminal. You may have to confirm access by pressing Enter once again.

2. Type in a command in the terminall, namely:

„ netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="YTLIMIT" dir=in action=block remoteip=, enable=yes „

3. Cofirm by hitting Enter.

To remove this rule, all you have to do it to type in:

„ netsh advfirewall firewall delete rule name="YTLIMIT" „

This method works smoothly in the case of most of the films in the service. However, it becomes worthless when YouTube changes its IP addresses. But it doesn't kill you if you check it out.