Monitoring computer components is very important, especially when overclocking your PC or graphics card. High temperatures, incorrect voltage or fan speed settings result in system instability or computer failure, especially during games. It is, therefore, recommended to check your computer’s inner workings.

Open Hardware Monitor

Monitoring hardware parameters using an application that will display all the information you need in one place and will act as a control center can be very helpful. Open Hardware Monitor is reliable choice it this category. It is a free, open-source program that analyzes data from sensors for different components and monitors temperature, voltage and fan speed.

Open Hardware Monitor is dead easy to use, and requires no previous knowledge. Just unzip and launch it. The application displays a nice tree view, where you can look up at temperatures, fan speeds, voltages, CPU load and more.

Open Hardware Monitor - główne okno programu

The program displays detailed sensor information for motherboard, processor, graphics card and hard disks. We can also find there more general information such as the amount of RAM available, free disk space, and more. The user can simply browse all the tree elements and watch them as they change or run additional heavy software to see the effects on the go - Open Hardware Monitor automatically updates the temperature values and other elements.

If you are interested in checking the stability and temperature of a single value, just select an option to display an indicator in your system tray, or a desktop gadget for Windows Vista / 7 only for a particular device.

Open Hardware Monitor - opcja wykresu

Open Hardware Monitor proves to be a useful tool regardless of whether you are an advanced user who overclocks your equipment or inexperienced beginner having problems with computer stability. The application will help you resolve problems concerning overheating and stability. And on top of this, there’s no installation here, no drivers, and no add-ons.