Deleting files can sometimes be a daunting task. We often encounter files that simply won't leave of the system since they are locked by the system, which constantly informs us that the file is in use. Of course we can try to restart the system, but it may result in closure of all opened programs. It can be a nuisance to deleted such files unless they are being forced to do so by specialized software. ForceDel is one of the easiest solutions to do this.


ForceDel is a free application that allows us to remove files, even if they are used by other applications. All we have to do is enter the appropriate command or simply drag the file into the program. The application is able to delete locked files, letting us get rid of the intrusive elements from our disk, which clutter valuable disk space.

The program can be downloaded from our website - Download ForceDel. At first blush, the application may seem a bit difficult since it provides a command line interface. But there is no need to worry, because all you need to do is start a command prompt (Start> "cmd" command in the search box) and then go to the folder with ForceDel.exe and enter the appropriate command, providing a path to the file, for example: ForceDel "C: \".

Forcedel - okno

If you do not want to type a command, you can always drag the file you want to delete into the ForceDel.exe using File Explorer. Then, the application automatically starts up and deletes the file. Those who are not sold on performing operations from the command line can try out other alternatives with graphical interface, which give similar results. One such example is Unlocker.

Keep in mind, that no matter how safe the program promises to be (ForceDel tries to close all the running applications), forcing the computer to delete files is a bit risky. You may find out that an application needs a particular file and it will not start next time. We recommend performing such operations for advanced users and only as a last resort.