If you are using Windows 10 or 11 and want to use a different browser rather than Microsoft Edge but can’t because they simply won’t open after being installed. This article will show you how you can solve the problem and start using any Internet browser you choose. Brave, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.

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Depending on how you are signing into Windows will determine what access you have to certain features and options. If you are using a personal Microsoft account that isn’t restricted by any family settings, you’ll have free access to anything and everything on Windows. So long as you’ve also got admin rights. If the Microsoft account you are signing into Windows is linked to a family account and has some restrictions in place, you may find yourself with some restrictions.

These restrictions can vary quite a lot and will ultimately be determined by who is the controlling party that your Microsoft account is linked to. For instance, if your parents created your Microsoft account or you have linked your accounts to a family you may still be under some restrictions. Annoyingly some of these restrictions will prevent you from using other Internet browsers and lock you into Microsoft Edge.

How do you fix Windows only allowing you to use Microsoft Edge and no other browsers? Windows won’t open other browsers, only Microsoft Edge.

To begin, the first thing you need to do is find out if you are still being managed under a family account. This should be pretty straightforward and something you will have to check for yourself. Asking your parents to check or remove you from their list is the best place to start. You can view the Microsoft Account Family Settings information here.

Simply visit the page, sign in to your account and check to see what the status is. If you notice something that you can’t change reach out to the organiser to get it changed. On the odd chance that you follow the steps above and get yourself removed from the family account but still can’t use another browser other than Edge, you’ll need to do the following.

In order to get around this issue, you’ll need to set the primary email on your Microsoft Account to one that isn’t affiliated with a family account, particularly the one you are currently or previously part of. You can make this change from the following location Change your Primary Microsoft alias. Once you have updated your info, you shouldn’t have any more issues with restrictions on your Windows computer.

cant use any other browser on windows except edge fix

What if you still can’t use other browsers on Windows 10 or 11?

If you still can’t use another browser on Windows or have other restrictions, I would simply suggest creating an entirely new email account and using that to sign in to your Windows PC. This will allow you to start from a clean slate, though it isn’t ideal if your current email address is one you have had for a long time and is linked to a lot of things. Personally, I have a Microsoft account that I sign in to Windows with, and one that I use for everything else.