The First Descendant error [L:10011] error seems to be a super common issue that is directly related to the Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) system. As with all Easy Anti-Cheat issues, there's a set list of steps to follow in order to solve the problem. However, this error message should be a lot less common as the game is better optimised.


  1. Learn how to fix The First Descendant Login Failed [L:10011] Error.
  2. Is Easy Anti-Cheat causing First Descendant login failed [L:10011] Error?

How to Fix First Descendant Login Failed [L:10011] Error.

The [L:10011] error typically occurs due to issues with the Easy Anti-Cheat driver or kernel on your system. This error can prevent you from logging into the game, and it might appear repeatedly. This is a fairly common issue with new release games but they are usually patched out before too long. But if you are still having problems work through the list of steps below.

Restart the Game

The simplest solution that often works is to close the game and restart it. This can resolve minor glitches that may be causing the error. "Have you turned it Off and On again?" - IT Help Guy

Reboot Your System

If restarting the game doesn't work, try rebooting your computer. This can clear any processes that might be interfering with EAC. What? It works!

Check for EAC Interference

Since EAC is critical for game security, it’s susceptible to interference from various sources. Restarting your system can help eliminate any background processes that might be causing the issue.

Investigate EAC Problems

If the quick fixes didn’t work, it's likely the problem is more deeply rooted in EAC. You might need to investigate further:

  • Google the Error Code: Searching for error code 100011 will show you that this issue is common across multiple games like 7 Days to Die and Rust, all of which use EAC.
  • Understand the Cause: The issue is often due to EAC failing to write to your drive, which could be blocked by an antivirus program or other security software.

You might be able to use some of the other working solutions you find for other games to solve this problem. EAC is a weird piece of software that has tons of different freakout events.

Check Antivirus Settings (Unlikely but possible)

Your antivirus software might be blocking EAC from functioning properly. Try the following steps:

  • Temporarily Disable Antivirus: Turn off your antivirus temporarily and see if the issue resolves. Make sure to re-enable it after testing.
  • Check for Blocked Processes: Ensure that your antivirus is not blocking EAC or any related game files.

Scan for Malware (Also Unlikely but possible)

In some cases, a virus or rootkit on your system might be interfering with EAC. Run a full system scan with a reputable antivirus program to check for any malware.

Uninstall and Reinstall The First Descendant.

  • Drive Issues: EAC might be struggling to write to your drive due to issues with your storage device. Check for any errors or issues with your drive.
  • System Conflicts: Other software or system settings might be conflicting with EAC. Look into recent changes or installations that might coincide with the appearance of the error.

If everything so far hasn't helped solve the problem, it's probably best that you reinstall the game and Easy Anti Cheat as well.