If you are playing Palworld and quite often return from an exploration trip only to find the pal workers at your base are starving, sick, angry or worse. This article will show you a couple of different things you can do to fix Pals in Palworld not working, or using food sources properly. We'll also address some of the issues with pals in Palworld not doing anything at all, just standing still at your base.


  1. Fixing Palworld Pals not eating or getting sick.
  2. Solutions for Pals in Palworld not working or standing around doing nothing.
  3. Why aren't my Pals in Palworld not working?

Your Base Location Matters! A Lot!

Sometimes, locations in your base may be buggy, affecting construction and tasks. So try to pick a spot for your base that is flat and easy to work in. If you pick a spot on the side of a mountain with lots of obstacles you will probably have issues. Then make sure things are being built, and you have assigned pals for specific tasks. Each Pal type has a specific role to play.

For example: In my iron ore base, I faced issues when I wasn't present. Pals were idle. Moving constructions around and finding the right spots for beds resolved the problem really quickly. So don't be afraid to experiment with placement.

Base Construction is Super Important! Don't Cram Everything in!

The game's base building is still a work in progress, and AI may struggle to reach certain areas.

  • If your pals can't access food, check for blockages.
  • Destroying and rebuilding might be necessary. Just make sure that when you rebuild, you make sure there is enough space for pals to traverse areas.
  • Ensure that your pals have tasks and beds in accessible locations. Sleeping is super important for their well-being. If they're not sleeping properly, they may get sick and angry. Watch their behaviour and adjust bed locations accordingly. I like to keep them fairly close to areas where the pals are working.

How to Fix Palworld Pals Not Eating and Getting Sick at your Base.

Often, you'll return to your base to find your pals starving, sick, and angry, leaving you wondering what went wrong. There are a few issues at play here that we need to tackle. Let's break it down step by step.

  • Firstly, ensure that your food baskets have food in them. Pals seem to prefer certain food baskets over others, so pay attention to their preferences.
  • The key here is understanding pathing and AI behaviour. In real-time, if pals are not at the designated place, they won't perform tasks correctly.
  • Big pals, in particular, tend to get stuck, so if you find one starving, check for cliffs or obstacles they might be stuck on.
  • To fix this, open the power box menu, take one pal out at a time, and put them back.
  • If they head straight to the food, they were stuck somewhere; otherwise, there might be an obstruction.

How To Fix Pals Not Eating & Getting Sick In Palworld

Help! Pals aren't sleeping in Palworld.

If you notice your pals aren't sleeping as they should, leading to a drop in sanity, you have a major issue! Low sanity can lead to sickness and anger, causing problems in your base. Again fixing this issue is a simple one just move your beds around or create a few more in different locations to see if they start using a different bed. Any beds that don't seem to get used are probably bugged so you can destroy them to make transit space around your base.

Why don't my Palworld Pals do what they are supposed to do?

First things first! The game is still in early access so these issues are normal. However, there are still some ways you can reduce these problems so that you don't have to keep using up all of your medical supplies, medicine and food to cure all your workers. These things will also help heal most other ailments and status effects like depressed pals, hunger, etc. But you will still need to make sure you have your housekeeping in order. Which means a feed box, medicine work bench beds, a fire etc.