If you have been having issues with Google Chrome loading websites correctly of late, you aren’t alone. A large percentage of Chrome users also reporting issues with websites getting stuck in loading cycles, similar to that of a dropped out Internet connection.


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Even though Google Chrome is the world’s most popular Internet browser with a monstrous share of the market, it does occasionally have problems. The latest issue to hit Chrome is one that has been causing users quite a bit of stress as it likes to strike at random and doesn’t seem to have any actual solution or cause at first glance. The problem in question prevents websites from loading normally when opened in Chrome, with most getting stuck in an endless loading loop which looks very similar to a slow connection or Internet drop out.

Although everything about this problem may have you thinking there is something wrong with Google Chrome, you are actually incorrect, as the issue's real cause is everyone's favourite Chrome extension Adblock. (Adblock Plus also causes this issue). If you are paying attention to the bottom left-hand corner of Chrome when visiting a website, you will notice the browser will almost always get hung up as the Adblock extension comes into play.

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How Do You Fix Websites Not Loading in Google Chrome? (Adblock Stops Websites Loading)

Of all the issues you have encountered while using Google Chrome, this is by far the easiest to fix but can come with some serious inconveniences. If you haven’t guessed already, the instant fix is to disable Adblock or Adblock Plus. Once you have done so, any and all websites you were having issues will with load normally again. The only consequence is that you will ads once more.

how to fix chrome not loading websites

As an alternative, until the issue is fixed (which shouldn't take long), you will have to use a different ad-blocker. As there are dozens of adblockers available, finding one may seem like a simple task, however that isn’t the case as a lot of ad blockers on the market aren’t actually as reliable or as safe you may think. As an alternative to Adblock and Adblock Plus, the next best option is Ublock Origin.  Ublock Origin is a top-notch alternative Adblocker and the most popular ad blocker on Firefox, so you know you are in good hands.

fix chrome stuck loading websites

I’ve been using both between Firefox and Chrome for a long time and can’t distinguish the difference between them, as they both do their job without any issues. Of course, if you don’t mind some ads for a while you can go without an ad blocker extension.