If you've been using Yuzu Android and found that the "Install GPU Drivers" option is missing, you may be wondering how to fix this issue. In this article, we'll explain why the option is missing and provide an in-depth overview of the compatibility and performance considerations for Yuzu on Android. We'll also explore the hardware requirements, controller support, and other essential information to help you optimize your Yuzu Android experience.

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Yuzu Android is a rapidly developing platform, and as such, it has certain compatibility and performance issues and problems. The performance and compatibility of Yuzu on Android may vary depending on your device's hardware and GPU drivers. Devices powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon SoCs with Adreno GPUs are recommended for the best experience, while devices with Exynos, Mediatek.

The missing "Install GPU Drivers" option in Yuzu Android can be attributed to the limitations of certain hardware configurations. Specifically, devices with Mali GPUs do not support custom drivers, which is why the option is not available in Yuzu Android. Mali GPUs have their own GPU driver ecosystem, and unfortunately, they are incompatible with the custom drivers often required by Yuzu Android. This main change in the future but I wouldn’t hold my breath for it.

Install GPU Drivers Option Missing in Yuzu Android.

As we mentioned Mali devices and possibly others do not support custom GPU drivers which is why the option is missing and no longer present in Yuzu Android on some devices. To run Yuzu on Android with the best possible performance, you'll need a device powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC with an Adreno GPU. Additionally, Yuzu Android has high RAM requirements, with a recommended minimum of 8GB or more.

Some devices have the ability to run custom GPU drivers, but this feature is not compatible with Mali GPUs as mentioned a few times already. If your device does support custom GPU drivers within Yuzu Android but you are getting a GPU driver error, check out the following guide. How to fix YuZu Android error: An error occurred initializing the video core.

Some other important things to note about Yuzu Android.

Controller support in Yuzu Android is still in the early stages of development. While Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch Pro controllers are automatically mapped when paired over Bluetooth, generic DirectInput controllers are also supported but may have some mapping issues. Notably, Joy-Cons are currently not supported due to restrictions imposed by Android. However, an on-screen input overlay is available and can be adjusted to your liking. You can access the input overlay by swiping from the left side of the screen and toggling the "Input Overlay" option.

Finally, Yuzu Android is still in the very early stages of development so things are changing on a day-to-day basis so don’t get to hung up on the current device specs and options. Apart from a few core hardware requirements like 8GB of ram support will be improving for other devices and hardware combinations as time goes by.