If you have always been curious about how TV shows and Movies do on Netflix but have never found a reliable source for the data. You'll be happy to know that Netflix is finally going to start sharing this viewing data for just about every single piece of content on the platform. While this is awesome news you're going to come across an overwhelming amount of data!

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Netflix, has always been tight-lipped about its viewership data but has just taken the groundbreaking step of releasing the "What We Watched" report. This is the first report in as long as anyone can remember and is rightly called "A Netflix Engagement Report". This comprehensive report will now be published twice a year and aims to provide an unprecedented level of transparency, offering a deep dive into viewer engagement and preferences of users over a six-month period. While this might not be exciting for everyone It's interesting to see what shows and movies were popular and which were total flops.

CO-CEO Ted Sarandos said, "This is the actual data that we use to run the business. I'm the co-CEO of a public company, so sharing bad information has consequences." This marks a departure from Netflix's traditional approach of keeping such data confidential.

Netflix: What we Watched List.

For years, Netflix has held its viewership data close to the chest, but the "What We Watched" report finally opens the data vault and shows the following.

  • Hours viewed for every title—both original and licensed—that has been watched for over 50,000 hours.
  • This transparency extends to the premiere dates of Netflix TV series and films, along with an indication of whether a title was available globally.
  • It covers more than 18,000 titles and accounts for a staggering 99% of all viewing on Netflix.
  • Non-English stories, which comprised 30% of all viewing, underscore the global appeal of Netflix's content.
  • With nearly 100 billion hours viewed, the scale of the data is nothing short of impressive.

While the report is expansive, it mirrors trends seen in Netflix's weekly Top 10 lists. Returning favourites like "Ginny & Georgia" and "Outer Banks" continue to dominate, showcasing the enduring appeal of certain series. Additionally, the report sheds light on the popularity of new series and successful film sequels, providing insights into audience preferences. To be honest, I wasn't expecting most of these shows to be in the top-watched stats, with the exception of Wednesday.

Netflix Most Watched 2023

  1. The Night Agent: Season 1 (812 million hours)
  2. Ginny & Georgia: Season 2
  3. The Glory: Season 1
  4. Wednesday: Season 1
  5. Queen Charlotte: A Bridgeton Story
  6. You: Season 4
  7. La Reina del Sur: Season 3
  8. Outer Banks: Season 3
  9. Ginny & Georgia: Season 1
  10. FUBAR: Season 1

How to get the Full List of Netflix Viewing Data - Netflix Releases Viewing Data.

The report challenges the notion of success being solely determined by hours viewed. Titles like "All Quiet on the Western Front," which debuted in 2022, continue to captivate audiences, highlighting the longevity of content on the platform. Furthermore, the acknowledgment of the demand for older, licensed titles emphasizes the value they bring to both Netflix members and rights holders. People are constantly looking for safe havens and nostalgia to run in the background while they spend time chilling at home.

Netflix sees the release of this report as a significant stride forward for the company and the entertainment industry. However, the main reason they released the report is probably a selfish one. Perhaps they are trying to change their brand impression by resolving their lack of transparency image. Either way though, with the report now public, creators and publishers can actually see what people are watching and want to watch. So maybe we'll see a lot more content that we want to see?!

How to Download the Whole Netflix What We Watched: A Netflix Engagement Report.

If you want to view the Download the reporthere. Just be aware the report is massive so be prepared to be a little overwhelmed by the amount of data.