If you use YouTube you’ve probably noticed that YouTube Shorts are getting more and more popular lately. Even if you try to avoid them or just ignore them YouTube is constantly pushing them in your direction. Thankfully there is a quick and easy way to hide them and you may already have half the pieces of the puzzle ready to go.

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Short format videos are still a major craze and one that doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon. They can be addictive and huge time syncs if you aren’t careful and end up in a loop of something. While Short videos are super popular for a lot of people they are equally as hated by just as many. Especially by long-form content purists who use YouTube. While I’m not a fan of YouTube Shorts in their current state I can see their potential if YouTube manages to sort out the chaos.

Thankfully! If you can’t stand YouTube shorts and would rather never see them again, it is possible to hide them from your feed at least on the web version of YouTube. So far the mobile version of Youtube keeps Shorts separate so they are easy enough to avoid which is nice. Let’s just hope that doesn’t change again and we find Shorts tangled up with traditional long-format content.

How do you hide YouTube Shorts? How do you Disable Shorts? Stop seeing YouTube Shorts.

So how do you hide, disable, block Shorts on YouTube? Well, the process is super simple and part of something you may already be using but haven’t discovered. To begin you will need to add Enhancer for YouTube to your browser. It’s available for Firefox and Chrome.

Enhancer for YouTube for Chromium browsers

Enhancer for YouTube for Firefox

Once you have added Enhancer for YouTube to your browser if you aren’t using it already (it’s super good) you will need to do the following.

  • First, click the Enhancer for YouTube icon in the extension area of your browser.
  • Next, scroll down towards the very bottom of the options menu and place a tick in the Hide Shorts checkbox under the Appearance section.
  • That’s all there is to it.

How to hide youtube shorts

As soon as you make the change Enhancer for YouTube will hide YouTube Shorts from your feed and the entire YouTube interface. If you change your mind at any stage, just return to the same location and remove the tick again.

How to sort YouTube Videos by date, oldest to newest, newest to oldest?

Unfortunately, there isn’t yet a way to do this (time of writing) however Enhancer for YouTube is usually very quick to replace important features that YouTube removes. Like the Dislike button not all that long ago. Sadly, once YouTube removes the core components that features rely on to show data, it’s impossible to restore options. Which is sadly what ended up happening to the dislike button.