Windows 8 introduced some substantial changes to printing your PDF files. Of course, you may want to use handy keyboard combinations, such as [ctrl]+[P], but if you don't trust your manual skills you have to learn it the hard way.

How to print files from the Charms
You can print a PDF format file quite easily. Open it with the PDF viewer brought to you by Windows 8.
Then, go with your cursor to the bottom right corner - or press [Win]+[C] - so the Charms bar shows up, and click on the Devices Charm.

You will be presented with a list of all the printing devices you can use. In this example I only print it to an XPS format file, but you can of course go for a printer.

Now, the configuration screen should appear. It is context sensitive - it views options according to the program you want to print a file from. In case of the Windows 8'd PDF Reader, you can choose what pages you want to print - such options wouldn't probably appear when printing an e-mail or a website.

To print, click the Print button.

How to use the App Bar
Applications such as Mail and Reader can also be handled with another way of printing. In this example I want to print an e-mail.

Pick up a message from your inbox and then right-click on white space.

You have just brought up an AppBar which placed on the bottom of the screen. The Print bottom is there -let's click it. From the context menu pick up your printer.

You can see below that settings available in the mail app vary from those seen before. When you have set up all the options, click on the Print button.

Although both of these ways work in the Mail and Reader app, the keyboard hotkey is much quicker, more reliable, an can be used in any program. But whatever method you choose is good, as long as it allows you to print your documents.