In the Internet you can find a vast variety of documents published in different formats. They often have PDF extension, while comic books are usually saved in CBZ and CBR format. There are also books with their EPUB, DJVU and MOBI. You have to install a few programs to browse all these files. But maybe there is one to rule them all...?

Sumatra PDF


Sumatra PDF is exactly this kind of a versatile program. This lightweight document reader allows its users to browse all kinds of documents saved in numerous formats - all so you don't have to look for and install different applications for various formats. Sumatra PDF easily deals with the most popular document format - PDF - just like its name suggests.

Apart from PDFs, this reader allows to browse books in EPUB, MOBI and DJVU file formats. You can also use Sumatra PDF to browse comic books, as it effectively deals with CBZ and CBR formats. With this program it is possible to browse documents saved in XPS, CHM, and many other formats. The application is extremely lightweight  - apart from making it versatile, the developers put emphasis on creating a really fast tool. Therefore its simple, intuitive interface will not present challenge even to beginning users.

Sumatra PDF displays a specific window with the content of a document, all according to the type of a file you want to browse. In the standard mode - in which for example PDF format files are opened - users can modify viewing options, set the number of pages displayed one next to another, go for continuous pages, and use zoom in and out tool. It is also possible to easily change to fullscreen display mode.

When you open a story or a book in EPUB format, another type of window is displayed, and the content of the novel is shown in a separate window that offers eye-friendly colours. The light beige of the pages and richly brown letters turn reading on a computer from an eye-destructive nightmare to a pleasurable experience. On both sides of the window there are arrows that allow to navigate between the pages, and at the bottom there is a notification bar that displays the site you are currently on.

Sumatra PDF can be also found in a portable version, so you can easily add it to your collection of mobile files on a pendrive or in a cloud. This way you can take additional burden off your system, and you don't have to worry about installing yet another application after system format or reinstallation.