So you forgot your software password? Don't worry - it happens to all of us. We have passwords for bank accounts, card PIN, e-mail passwords, instant messaging, a server, a virtual disk, system, and so on. It's hard to remember all of them and sometimes we make them so complicated that we forget them ourselves! Saving them on paper is not always a reasonable solution. Let's take a look at a new remedy for lost password panic.

Recovering lost or forgotten passwords for programs is not easy task, in case you have a dedicated tool for this. An interesting solution is the recALL - it's free and easy to use application that allows you to recover passwords and licenses for all software. Plus, we can recover the passwords for Windows.

The application is easy to use and comes with three modes to choose from. The first mode allows you to automatically recover passwords for all programs installed on your computer as well as instant messengers. The software scans the contents of the entire disk for appropriate files from which you can recover your password. The second mode can be operated manually. All we need to do is select the folder for which we want to recover password, or license. The last mode is the emulation mode, which lets you recover password for the FTP server, or e-mail. The installation procedure is fast and straight forward, and executable file is only 1.53 MB.

Let’s go through the following components.

Automatic Recovery Mode

1. Once you open the program, a window appears where you can select the operating mode. To run the automatic recovery mode, select the first option at the top, then click on "Next".

2. After a while, RecALL will start scanning your entire system for all existing operating system passwords. Depending on the amount of installed programs, this process can take up to several minutes.

3. Next, the application displays a list of all saved system passwords for programs, email clients, instant messengers, etc. To export a list of passwords to a file, click on "Next" and then select the format: comma-separated CSV file, text file, HTML file or ZIP archive. You can also specify directory folder and name. After choosing format and entering name, click on "Next".

Manual recovery mode

1 Instead of going through the long process of scanning the whole system for passwords, you can use the manual mode and select the program or service for which you want to recover password. To do this, choose the second option: " Manual Recovery".

2. The next step requires you to select the folder where the program should search for file password. To improve the whole process, we can also add the "Scan registry" option. When this is done, click on "Next".

3. In the new window, you will be presented with the results of the scan. The length of the scanning process depends largely on the size of the specified folder. After scanning, select "Next" and then determine file format , passwords, location, name, and so on.

Server emulation mode

1 The last option is server emulation mode, which allows you to recover passwords for emails, and FTP. To start with, select "Emulation Server" from the startup window and then click on "Next".

2 . A new window launches, and the system may ask for a permission to access the recALL. The tool displays a message in order to prepare mailers to enable password recovery. To procede with the process, follow the instructions, and activate the program to set the server, correct port number, and so on. In the end, click on "Next".

3 After a short scan, a list of recovered passwords will appear in the new window. As in the case of previous modes, the data can be exported to a specified file.