It’s probably pretty safe to say that at some stage you have been searching for something on your Internet browser, with your girlfriend, friends or parents watching. Then unexpectedly auto suggestions brings something you’d rather not have them see to the top of the list. To save yourself some future embarrassment, we have created a guide that will show you how to delete autofill suggestions on several popular browsers.


How to Stop Websites Asking For Your Location on Any Browser.

If you are a Microsoft edge user you are probably wondering why it wasn’t included in the title, the simple answer is that Microsoft Edge doesn’t have an option to remove or disable URL auto-fill suggestions. It’s not surprising really considering their current track record with forcing Cortana and Bing upon us from the Windows 10 Anniversary Update onwards.

The good news is you can just change your browser to something else, Chrome and Firefox Quantum are both great alternatives. As you are probably quite eager to put past URL embarrassment behind you, let’s begin showing you how to delete auto URL fills on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. 

How to Delete URL Autofills in Chrome.

As Chrome currently holds the monopoly in the browser market we will start with it. The process is so simple in Chrome you are probably going to think yourself stupid for actually searching for a solution, it’s ok though the simplest solutions are often overlooked.

All you have to do is start typing a URL into your search bar, highlight the one you wish to remove, then press Shift+ Delete on your keyboard. Instantly the URL will be removed. Of course, alternatively you could always just delete your history a little more frequently, but that is a little extreme if you only have 1 or 2 weird URLs.

Note: You can also disable autofill options from Settings > Advanced, simply flip the toggle next to: Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar. 


How to Delete URL Autofills in Firefox.

If you are a Firefox user, you can rest assured that the process is also super simple and again you might even be wondering why you went searching in the first place for a solution. Once again, as with Chrome, start typing your URL, when the URL you would like to remove shows itself, highlight it and press Shift + Delete on your keyboard. Again in an instant, the URL will be removed from your history. You can do this for any other strange URL suggestions even if they aren’t a website you visit.

Note: You can also disable search suggestions from Options > Search, simply untick the boxes next to Provide Search Suggestions and Show Search Suggestions in Address Bar Results.


How to Delete URL Autofills in Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer is the old guy at the party these days but unlike his younger brother Edge, he still has the ability to remove URL auto-suggestions. It’s not as simple as Firefox and Chrome but you have to remember Internet Explorer is starting to show its age.

When you start typing a URL in IE the suggestions will start to flow down below the main box, use your mouse to hover over any of these suggestions that you would like to remove, a small X will appear on the very far right-hand side. Click on the X and Internet Explorer will forget you ever had dealings with the said URL, in other words, it will be removed completely.