Ever feel the urge to remove the background from your photo? Many modern graphic editors offer this particular function, however, they are usually quite expensive. Clipping Magic is a great alternative that will definitely ease your life. It is a free online tool which helps you to easily remove background from images, leaving you only with the subject of the picture.

Just click-and-drag your image to the Clipping Magic website, or choose the file. Another step involves creating the so called Mask, where you isolate a subject. We do this by using the Toolbox tool at the top of the screen. There are two markers- green and red. The green brush lets you highlight the part of the image that you want to keep, and the red one the area you want remove. We do not have to be overly precise and we can see the outcome in real time on ‘Result Preview’. We can easily check whether the picture still needs further editing.

Additional tools include a rubber which allows you to remove the elements of the mask and the so-called Mr. tool for moving the area you are working on. You can always re-size the marker, if you like, and backtrack, zoom in and out for a better touch.

Clipping Magic

Once you're finished, the application lets you easily download the finished product, as well as share the link on the Internet. The finished image is on a transparent background, where you can later put new elements.

Overall, Clipping Magic removes backgrounds from photos impressively, though not perfectly. It cannot handle hair, blurry boundaries, and partially transparent things. Considering it’s an alpha product, though, it’s awesome – and certainly worth trying out.