If you are really getting into Halo Infinite and would like to change the 343 industries loading screen to something else either shorter or more interesting. This article will show you how to make the change. You can also play some pretty cool pranks using the steps shown in this guide as this video is unskippable and doesn’t have a maximum length.

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Loading screens and loading times in games aren’t anything new and were getting shorter for a period of time when SSDs first hit the market. However, they are starting to trend upward again, which is why annoying and unnecessary inclusions like video intros are wasted time. Interesting though, Halo infinite has a loading screen that can quickly and easily be swapped out for anything you like. Just keep in mind that it can’t be skipped.

This means you can change the loading screen completely, you can make it shorter, longer, or massive, hell you can even replace the original loading screen with a full-length movie if you like. Although most people will simply replace this screen with a super quick 1-second clip of something to improve load times, others will take the opportunity to meme out and play pranks on their friends. You can’t do this with the Game Pass version of Halo infinite. Check out the example from Twitter below.

“Did you know that unskippable XBOX / 343 Industries startup sequence is just a video? And that it's hardcoded to only finish when the video is finished? And that technically you could force someone to watch the entirety of Joel Schumacher's 'Batman & Robin' every time?”

How do you swap the Halo Infinite loading screen? Replace the Halo Infinite loading screen with anything you want.

  • To replace the Halo Infinite loading screen with another video you’ll need to follow these steps.
  • First, go to the drive you have Halo installed then access the following location steamapps > common > Halo Infinite > videos.
  • Next, find the Startup_Sequence_Loading.mp4 video file.
  • Replace this video file with your desired clip, just make sure that it is also an .mp4 format file with the exact same name: Startup_Sequence_Loading.mp4.

Once you have made the change it will take effect the next time you launch Halo Infinite on your PC. Just be aware that you can’t skip this video, so don’t add something that is crazy long otherwise you’ll have to wait for it each and every time you launch Halo Infinite. That said if you want to really mess around with your friends you can do just about anything here.

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