You may or may not already know this but most internet browsers available today allow you to solve basic maths problems and equations simply by typing them into the address bar. This is a super useful tool for quick calculations on the fly but it doesn’t help much for the more complicated problems you may need to solve quickly. If you are a Firefox user, you now have an option that allows you to solve far more complex equations, find out how here.


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If you never knew your Internet browser's address bar could solve maths equations, you’re not alone, most users, regardless of the browser they are using have never thought to use the address bar to solve math equations. Users always looking to the Windows calculator or other third-party apps for answers. Even though most internet browsers on the market today offer some form calculation service, most don’t accommodate more difficult problems.

For anyone using Mozilla Firefox, you now have the option to increase the difficulty level of maths problems your browser’s address bar can solve, using a small extension called Maths In Address Bar. For an app with a terribly boring name, Maths in Address Bar is quite useful and will unlock a huge swath of new formula. The best part is, the solutions are shown in real time and won’t simply direct you to a new page with a possible solution. Maths in Address Bar is also super, super small and doesn’t even come with configurable settings, meaning once it is installed the addon simply works.

How to Solve More Advanced Math Equations Using the Firefox Address Bar.

As this is one of the most lightweight apps around, it’s super easy to install and use. You can find the download link for Math In Address Bar below or you can just search for it using the Firefox add-on tool or your favorite search engine.

Download Maths in Address Bar.

how do you do math using firefox

After installing the add-on, you won’t notice a new icon appear with all your other extensions. Instead, to use the feature, you first need to type Math into the address bar, followed by a space, then the equation you want solved. The problem will begin to be solved as soon as you start typing. If there is an issue with the equation you are entering, for example, a missing bracket, the address bar will expand letting you know there is an error. Maths in Address Bar will also remember your last 30 calculations.

how to do math using firefox

The only downside to the extension is that you will need to have a decent read through of the notes included to make sure you are using the correct symbols for your equations. None of which are hard to remember or difficult to find. Below is a full list of the extension's features, plus all the developer's tips and tricks for making the most of it.

How do you solve hard math equations using firefox