If you’re a workaholic or someone who just needs to fire off a few emails every now and then, but often get caught without an internet connection. Don’t stress! Google has you covered. As rare as it is to be without an internet connection in today’s world, it does happen, however, with a little help from browser extensions, you can still read emails and schedul when they send using Gmail.


How to Remotely Sign Out of Gmail From Any Device You Were Signed Into.

As well as being able to schedule emails to be sent when you get back online, you will also have the ability to search, read and reply to any Gmail messages you may have received prior to your access to the internet being cut off. If some of or all of these things have peaked your interest, you can grab the Google Chrome extension Below.

Download Gmail Offline Chrome Extension.

When you have opened the above link or searched for Gmail Offline via another source, click the Add to Chrome button and the installation will begin. After a few short moments the app will be downloaded and installed, you will then be able to start using it. To find the newly added extension, click the Apps button on the left-hand side of the Chrome browser, in the same place you would find Google Docs and Gmail.


On first launching the Gmail Offline App you will be given two options to choose from.

Option 1: Allow Offline Mail: This will allow Gmail to save your mail on the current computer. (Do not enable this if you are using a public computer or shared machines. As anyone who uses the device in the future will be able to see your saved emails)

Option 2: Do not Allow Offline Mail: This option allows you to read and send emails but not synchronize mail to your computer.


When you have picked one of the two options Gmail offline will open. The interface is quite different from the regular page and rightfully so, saving a lot of confusion. In the open window, you will be able to see messages from the last seven days, accompanied by any drafts or messages flagged with a star. If seven days isn’t enough for you, you can adjust the settings to show any period backdating up to one month. This is done by clicking on the Settings Cog in the upper right-hand corner.


As we mentioned earlier, you will be able to read, sort, view and delete mail that has synced in offline mode, as well as prepare emails and replies to be sent. Emails that you have replied to or created will remain in your Outbox until the moment your internet connection is restored. As soon as Gmail detects an active internet connection, everything in your outbox will be sent.  

Another Very Useful Gmail Chrome Extension.

If the Offline Gmail extension sounds pretty good, you might also like to try out Boomerang Another small, very helpful little Chrome Extension that allows you to schedule messages to be sent or replied to at a later date, even if you’re not online at the time. Boomerang also allows you to set reminders and track messages you have sent.

The most useful feature, however, has to be the ability to track the response of emails if you do not get a reply from an email you send, Boomerang will notify you. Boomerang also has the option to notify you if the email has been opened or if any links inside the email have been clicked, so you will know if someone is blatantly ignoring you.


Boomerang is free, however, if you wish to use more than 10 messages per month, you will have to subscribe to the service.  

Download the Boomerang Extension Here.