Generative artificial intelligence has brought many changes in many fields. Finfech is exactly the background that allows AI to reveal its full potential. Here, it creates even wider opportunities for automation and the creation of new products. According to estimates, this technology is ready to bring an annual benefit of up to 340 billion dollars to the banking sector alone. Fintech client support is where this innovative technology redefines the scope of customer experience automation. MetaDialog understands that and, therefore, has created a powerful AI product. Today, let's find out how you may use prominent MetaDialog AI customer service to bolster your firm's help desk.

Understanding AI Features for Fintech

Generative AI represents the cutting edge of automation technology. It fuels tools like ChatGPT, DALL-E, Google's Bard, and MidJourney. They can swiftly process vast quantities of data and subsequently produce entirely novel outputs. Take DALL-E as an example. Many business owners use its power to generate images. Other entrepreneurs turn to ChatGPT when they need to create new text. What is the secret behind these technologies? Everything converges at one point — learning on large language models (LLM).

If you own a fintech company and are not using generative AI in your customer service, you are already missing out on a lot. Just look at the history of this technology. If it helped automate monotonous routines earlier, now it is a different story — AI takes on broader responsibilities. Here are the main applications of AI in fintech:

  • GenAI rates the client's score: Normally, it takes a lot of time to approve a loan application or open an account. Use AI and forget about this problem. Coupled with this technology, you reduce scoring costs and increase accuracy.

  • AI and voice assistants: Your call center should run uninterruptedly while interacting with thousands of customers. AI is making intelligent call routing in call centers a reality.

  • Document processing: AI automates the inputting and processing of customer data for account openings and banking transactions.

  • Smart chatbots: These versatile communication software mimic human interaction and are able to handle customer inquiries autonomously, efficiently resolving most customer requests.

  • AI is at the forefront of risk assessment: If you need to scrutinize historical data and track market fluctuations, AI will help you make an objective assessment.

However, don't be blinded by the benefits of AI. It also has many soft spots, and security is one of them. When it comes to your customers' money and accounts, security is a priority. In this instance, not all generative AI providers are alike. Therefore, you must verify their safety certifications, such as GDPR and SOC-2 type 2 compliance. These certifications serve as essential benchmarks that help you assess various automation platforms.

Implementing AI in Fintech CX

When your client comes to you for investment advice or wants to check their account, it's essential to always be on track. MetaDialog AI is designed to provide a quick response to customer inquiries. Moreover, after users start communicating with a chatbot and it detects a difficult question, it will redirect it to your finance experts.

Also, as a fintech company, you can't stop the work process, so you need fast integration. With MetaDialog AI, it's easy. The developers will add this solution to your platform in just a few minutes. You will get not only automated responses but also a system that can quickly read and understand thousands of financial documents, making tasks more efficient and reducing mistakes. This helps with auditing and bringing on new clients.

So, how can you get started with MetaDialog products? Let's look at the basic steps to take:

  • Contact the company to discuss your goals.

  • Connect to MetaDialog software via API integration and launch your bot. Your bot quickly analyzes help center content. After a short training, it'll be able to provide customized answers relevant to your industry.

  • Once logged in, you can ask the team to customize the tone of your voice to suit your preferences. MetaDialog offers options between formal and informal tones.

  • If you've already developed multiple dialog flows, you may integrate generative AI along with your current intent framework.

However, it's only half the process. Customization is a new trend in customer support. To succeed with AI, you can incorporate information about your users' financial behavior and investment goals into MetaDialog AI. Result? AI will offer personalized recommendations and provide tailored financial advice for each person.

Proper communication is the secret element to a successful fintech company. AI better understands your customer's language to speak to them on the same level. Take the example of newcomers to investments. When the AI communicates with them, it uses clear, jargon-free explanations. But if experienced investors come to you, AI will grasp it — it will handle more complex topics such as market analysis and financial strategies.

Ensuring Security and Compliance

MetaDialog knows how significant it is to keep sensitive financial data safe and sound. To keep up with this strategy, the team implemented robust measures for data protection:

  • Access Controls and User Authentication: Only authorized employees can access your data. Multi-factor authentication protocols require users to verify their identity through numerous methods.

  • Compliance with Data Privacy Regulations: MetaDialog AI adheres to all relevant data privacy regulations, including GDPR and CCPA.

  • Transparency and User Control: You have the right to understand what data MetaDialog collects, how they utilize it, and with whom it may be shared, if applicable. Additionally, you may access your data or request its deletion within seconds.

Data protection is something no business can neglect. MetaDialog cares about its fintech clients and offers top security measures to guarantee the safety of your customers' financial information.

Addressing Challenges and Concerns

AI seems to be a lifesaver. Still, it has brought forth ethical dilemmas. Discrimination, biases, and difficulties with conflicts of interest — fintech firms can't afford to have such problems. So, what are the most common challenges you may face?

  • The complexity of ML models and the lack of knowledge to understand them. This opacity makes it hard to assess system accuracy. It also makes it hard to assess method validity and financial risk. Take deep learning models as an example. They operate like black boxes, making evaluating their inner workings challenging.

  • ML and big data create the risk of bias. When they assess users for credits and make decisions about lending, they tend to be discriminatory based on race, age, income, and employment status.

  • AI exposes clients' data to potential exploitation. Information collected throughout interactions could be monetized by selling it to third parties. It ultimately raises significant concerns about privacy protection and eroding client trust.

Each fintech company needs to keep its framework up to date across all levels of management to make sure everyone is aware of the risks related to AI. You need to encourage teams to always consider ethics when using AI. Moreover, the legal team should lay down ethical principles that match your organization's values.

It's crucial to set strict standards to avoid issues like bias in AI models. Clear data standards within the Model Risk Management (MRM) framework can help you with that. If you work closely with the business and risk teams and have the Independent Model Review team carry out thorough checks, you'll leave no chance of ethical problems.

Future Trends and Innovations

The latest studies suggest that genAI could potentially contribute between $2.6 trillion to $4.4 trillion annually to the global economy. When it comes to fraud detection, estimates state that Generative AI could impact global GDP by 7%.

Moreover, we project a significant increase in labor productivity by 0.1 to 0.6% across the economy with this technology. GenAI use cases are expected to deliver 75% of their value. This value will come from customer operations, marketing, sales, and software engineering.

Now, we expect significant breakthroughs from AI. With its help, companies will create investment platforms that accurately predict market movements. We also expect new fraud detection systems — they will adapt to new threats and be more secure.

Moreover, don't forget about the growth of decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain technology. They keep pace with AI. Intertwining, they will present new opportunities for safe, transparent financial transactions and services.


When we talk about artificial intelligence in financial services, we have in mind a more personalized, secure and transparent environment. New trends and technological integration highlight the enormous potential of AI to revolutionize the sector further. After all, when you use the latest technology, you stand out in the competitive market. The best part is that this is not the only benefit — you also increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

MetaDialog specializes in identifying optimal business opportunities for integrating generative AI tools. You may be starting a journey towards digital transformation, or you may be a serious player in the market and want to improve existing processes. MetaDialog AI is here to help you build and launch products that wow your customers.