The battle for social media innovation begins again with Snapchat releasing a new feature that allows users to share their location on a map with their friends. This newly added feature is called Snap Map is great for keeping in touch with all your local and international friends. As awesome as it sounds, it has the potential to be quite dangerous if you use it too openly. This guide will show you how to best configure your Snap Map settings to keep you safe, whilst enjoying this great new feature.


How to use the Built in Shazam Feature on Snapchat.

As well as having the ability to share your location with any or all of your Snapchat friends the new Snap Map also shows interesting events like concerts, festivals, raves etc. On top of being able to view these events on the map, you can also interact with them by tapping on their icons, which allows you to see other users snaps, taken at the event or in the same location.

If you’re worried about your privacy and you should be, Snapchat has options available so your personal information can be withheld from the public feed, showing only your chosen posts and not you or your username, which is blurred out with a red/blue circle. (if you configure it correctly) If you would like to know a little more about the privacy settings and how to use Snap Map, below is a full guide on using and configuring Snapchat, Snap Map settings.

How to Use the New Snapchat Snap Map feature on Android and iOS Devices.

As with all things newly added, you will have to check that your version of Snapchat is fully up to date. If it isn’t you won’t be able to use the new feature. Once you have the latest version of Snapchat, open it to the main screen. This next part is a little difficult to explain but you will need to use the opposite finger action (gesture) you would to zoom an image on your phone, swiping inwards with two fingers would best describe it. (reverse zoom gesture)

activate snapchat snap map

Using the reverse zoom gesture will open the Snap Map. On its first open, you will be shown a few short intro screens on how the map works, as well as some basic privacy settings. After the intro screens, you will be cast out on your own to figure out the rest. The privacy setting options are shown below.

  • Only Me (Ghost Mode) {The safest choice}
  • My Friends (Only shows friends your location)
  • Select Friends (friends specifically chosen)

Note: Your location will only be shared when Snapchat is open. It doesn’t constantly update in the background.

how to get snap map

When you have finished choosing your privacy settings you will be able to see yourself and all your friends who have also decided to share their location on the Snap Map. Each Snap Friend will be marked on the map using their Snapchat dolls/avatars. Tapping on a friend will allow you to access Snaps they’ve taken. Using the sliding carousel at the bottom will allow you to view the location and information of any of those snaps if it is available.

how to enable snapchat snap map

You will also notice that as well as yourself and all of your friends displaying on the map, you can view events taking place and see all the snaps users have published at those events. Including Snaps from anonymous users that have decided to publish their content but not their identity. Anonymous snaps are shown differently though and can be identified by their bluish or reddish color profile.

How to Publish a Snap to the Snap Map.

If you want to publish a Snap so it appears on the Snap Map, you simply have to take a photo or video using Snapchat, edit it as usual, then post it as you normally would. However, in order to make the Image appear on the Snap Map, you will need to select the Our Story Option.

Note: Selecting Our Story doesn’t automatically mean your Snap will be featured on the Snap Map, it only adds your snap to a list of potential Snaps that may be featured. This process is most likely randomized by Snap.

snap chat snap map privacy settings

How to Manually Change your Snap Map Privacy & Location Settings.

At any stage, if you wish to change your Snapchat, Snap Map privacy settings, all you have to do is access the Snap Map, tap the settings icon in the upper right-hand corner, which is represented by a gear/cog. Inside this menu, you make the changes you need to. Remembering that Ghost Mode is the mode that hides your location. (You can always turn off your phones main location setting if you are extra worried)

That wraps up our Snapchat Snap, Map guide, let us know what you think of the new feature down in the comment section. And let's all start counting the days until Instagram and Facebook have a new Instamap feature live.

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