QuakeCon is a chance for all first-person shooter fans to check out the future plans of the father of the genre, id Software, while also taking part in some of the largest multiplayer events of the year. This year, the leader of the developer, John Carmack, opened the proceedings by apologizing for the way his company handled the launch period of its latest title, RAGE, during late 2011. The developer acknowledged that the team working on the game should have paid more attention to drivers support and to optimization, the lack of which made the game run poorly even on very capable gaming PCs. He also commented that the ending of the game left a number of players unsatisfied. Then, the opening speech focused on the future, and John Carmack stated, “The Bethesda family really is about swinging for the fences. I hope that we do get back to mobile in various ways in the future, but the real aim is blockbuster triple-A titles, and for Id that means Doom 4.” He added, “Essentially everybody will be focused on Doom 4 as a project.” id Software even took resources away from its mobile game division in order to focus on AAA titles, but there’s still no clear launch window for Doom 4, which probably means that the game is now aimed at the next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Carmack also revealed that his team managed to make the id Tech 5 game engine run on the PlayStation Vita handheld from Sony, but he also says that there’s no project that uses it at the moment, although that could change in the near future. The first Doom game was the one to cement the core of the first-person shooter genre, and fans are expecting Doom 4 to revolutionize the space, both in terms of mechanics and graphics.