The Quake Live open beta has recently ended and id Software has introduced two types of paid subscription, Premium and Pro. The game will also be playable for free with a Standard Account, but there will be less content to enjoy. The open beta stage of the title has lasted for a year now, during which users have been able to frag each other for free. The Premium subscribers will receive access to 20 exclusive level, a new game mode called Freeze Tag, more valuable awards and a Quake-themed wallpaper for their profiles. Furthermore, they will be able to create a clan and join five other clans. id also promises that it will store their match statistics for six months. All of this will come at 2 dollars a month, payable only on an yearly basis, meaning that one has to give id Software 24 dollars once per year to earn the Premium Status in Quake Live. The Pro subscribers will get all the premium advantages, alongside the ability to start their own server. They will have the option to specify its game mode and location, as well as invite their friends. Moreover, they will get to invite three Standard level players to play Quake Live on premium maps, they will get even better awards and join up to ten clans. In this case, the match statistics will be stored for one year. The Pro package comes at 4 dollars a month, that is 48 dollars per year. The Standard level will offer what has been available in the open beta until today, that is 40 arenas , five game modes, friends lists, he ability to join one clan and some limited stat tracking. Quake Live is an in-browser multiplayer first person shooter, a remake of Quake III: Arena, a very successful id game from 1999. Quake Live has been maintained only and add-revenue until now, but it seems this experiment has not been as profitable as the developer has hoped.