Another update to a very popular Internet browser, Mozilla Firefox, has been released. In the newest version - signed with number 23 - a number of much appreciated fixes has been introduced. However, the msot visible change is the refreshed logo of the well-known Fox.

That new version of Mozilla's browser will be, most probably, officially announced today in the afternoon but it is now available on Mozilla Fund's servers. Among the most important changes in that update we should certainly mention:

  • Mixed Content Blocker
  • refreshed about:memory interface
  • refreshed notifications interface
  • refreshed add-on installer's interface
  • new social networking plugins

It should be underlined that Mixed Content Blocker is a tool which blocks potentially dangerous elements of the websites that may make users vulnerable to attacks. That feature starts working when a secure HTTPS website starts reading also some HTTP element. Mixed Content Blocker will be represented visually as a shield icon in address bar in Firefox 23.

You can download Firefox 23 for free from our website in the Internet Browsers category.