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How to fix Firefox not opening. Even after a clean install.

Learn how to fix the issue causing Firefox not to launch on Windows 10 and 11. Fix Firefox not launching on Windows, even after a clean installation.

How to widen tabs in Firefox.

Learn how to make tabs wider in Firefox. How do you widen tabs in Firefox so that you can actually see what the tab title is.

How to use Firefox to autofill passwords in other apps on Android.

Learn how to use Firefox to autofill passwords into other apps on Android. For example, if you have your Blizard account details saved in Firefox, you...

How to make the Firefox tab bar smaller. Change the Firefox Proton tab bar size.

Learn how to change the size of the tab bar in Firefox. Make the tab bar in Firefox Proton bigger or smaller.

How to fix no X to close tabs in Firefox. Closing tabs with no X on Firefox.

Learn how to restore the X to close Firefox tabs and a few alternative shortcuts you can use.

How to make your browser use Windows print options by default.

Learn how to force your Internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) to use the Windows print options menu. Not the browsers.

How to make website exceptions for ‘delete all cookies on close’ in Firefox.

A short tutorial showing you how to add website exceptions for the “Delete all cookies on close” option in Mozilla Firefox. By default when you enable...

How to Change the Firefox New Tab and about:blank Page Color.

A short tutorial showing you how to change the New Tab, about:blank and about:newtab pages on Firefox to a different colour. For example, change it fr...

How to Turn Off Quick Find on Firefox 63. (Disable Quick Find on Firefox)

A short tutorial showing you how to disable the new Quick Find shortcuts in Firefox version 63. A new list of shortcuts you can use to search through...

How to Customise and Personalise the Look and Utility Of Firefox.

If you use Firefox to browse the Internet on your computer and would like to personalize the look and feel, whilst increasing some of its utility. Her...

How to integrate Google Drive with Firefox

If you use Google Drive rather often and your web browser of choice is Firefox, you certainly could use some kind of a good integration of Google's cl...

Mozilla Firefox 23 is out!

Another update to a very popular Internet browser, Mozilla Firefox, has been released. In the newest version - signed with number 23 - a number of muc...

Firefox 22 released - what's new?

A new stable release of Firefox has just appeared. This fresh update, bearing number 22, has introduces a couple of interesting features, such as full...

How to manage your bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox?

Bookmark Manager – the collection of your favourite, most frequently used WWW websites – has for years been remained one of the most popular features...

What’s new in Firefox 19

Announced in several previous versions, PDF viewer finally appeared in Firefox 19, along with a number of minor bug fixes and improvements. Will the n...

How to Correctly Install and Run Mozilla Firefox Metro on Windows 8

Firefox 3 has zero day flaw