If you are using Firefox but are envious of the newly added Vertical Tabs feature in Microsoft Edge, this article will show you how to add/enable Vertical Tabs in Firefox. Vertical Tabs are a great way to optimise the way you use your screen space on Ultra Wide monitors but aren’t yet an option on any other browser apart from Edge.

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Vertical Tabs are an interesting new way to present a browser interface and move tabs from the top of the screen to the left of the screen, giving you a little more space to work with on Ultrawide monitors. Although the gain isn’t anything mind-blowing it is an interesting change that has proven to be quite popular on Microsoft Edge, the only browser (at the time of writing) to currently support the feature by default. If you happen to be using Firefox though, there is a handy little extension now available that adds vertical tabs to Firefox.

The extension is called Tab Center Reborn and is available on the Firefox Add-on store for free. It’s also easy to use and free. To begin, head on over to the Mozilla Add-on store and add Tab Center Reborn to Firefox. If you spend a fair bit of time using private windows, etc place a tick in the box that asks if you want to Allow this extension to run in Private Windows. Now that you’ve added vertical tabs to Firefox, well cover a few more things in further detail.

Moving from traditional horizontal tabs to vertical tabs does take a fair bit of getting used to but a lot of people who make the change, at least those using ultrawide monitors don’t generally look back. With ultrawide monitors becoming more and more popular, there’s a good chance that Mozilla will add this feature to the browser, however for now extensions are our best option.

How do you add and use Verticle Tabs on Firefox? Does Firefox have Vertical tabs?

With Tab Center Reborn added to your browser, using it is relatively straightforward. As soon as it is added to Firefox, tabs will be moved to the left of the screen but there are some options that you will want to adjust to optimise things a little as the default settings might not be that great for everyone.

  • To change the settings within Tab Center Reborn, right-click the icon in the add-on area in the top-right hand corner of Firefox and select Manage extension.

how to use vertical tabs firefox

  • Next, change from the Details tab to the Options tab. Then customise any of the options on the list that you aren’t happy with. If you have advanced knowledge you can also add a Custom Style Sheet, but this is probably outside of the average user's skillset.

How do you turn on vertical tabs in firefox

How do you move Vertical Tabs to the right-hand side of the Firefox window?

If you would rather have vertical tabs appear on the right-hand side of the screen in Firefox do the following.

  • Click the drop-down arrow next to the vertical tabs entry. Then scroll down the list and select Move sidebar to right. You can do the same to move the bar back over to the left if you don’t like it on the right.

how to get vertical tabs on firefox

You can also hide or show the vertical tab men by clicking the extension icon in the extension area. Each click will either hide or make the option visible