In late July, Apple launched the Mountain Lion update for Mac OS X. At the time, Microsoft's official Office 2011 for Mac blog claimed that Mac version of its productivity software suit was "Mountain Lion ready". However, a number of people who use Office for Mac 2011 on the recently launched MacBook Pro with the 2800x1800 resolution Retina display complained that using the software on the screen was a bad experience. One person who commented on the official Office for Mac 2011 blog said, " ... all word docs and Excel sheets look really bad at the moment." At the time, a Microsoft rep would not comment on any plans to update the software to work better on the Retina Display MacBook Pro. Today, Microsoft gave those MacBook Pro owners some good news. The Office for Mac 2011 blog has posted word that a new automatic update for the software now has added Retina display support for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. The blog states, "Text everywhere is incredibly crisp and all key areas of the interface are now sharper than ever." Hopefully Microsoft will offer the promised Mac version of Office 365 Home Premium with out of the box Retina display support when it is officially released in early 2013.