Panda Security has for years published its well-known security suites. Recently the company released a new beta version of its best-known program: Panda Global Protection. 2014 BETA versions brings along a slightly modified interface and introduces a couple of fresh features.

  Panda Global Protection 2014

The suite consists of an anti-virus program, a firewall, an Internet identity protection module, an anti-SPAM filter, a parental control feature, a virtual keyboard, back-up copies restoration, encrypting data files, and also remotely controlling a computer. Among new features that arrived with this new release is the analysis of system start-up, all to seek any malicious software that turns on right up with your operating system.

Panda Global Protection 2014 - główne okno programu

Booting analysis is supposed to protect your computer from even the deeply hidden maladies. You can also create a bootable USB stick from your pendrive to check your computer for any malware. In the program you can also find features for multiple devices protection, making Panda available for Mac, iPhone, iPad along with Android-based devices. Although these last devices still don't have their own version, the programmers are working hard on such a release and it should be available soon.

Yet another change in the program is the lookout of its interface. All the icons look quite similar to colourful squares of Windows 8 - it's clear that Panda Securit makes an attempt to follow the trends and styles itself more to resemble Modern UI interface. All the options are well-descripted and easy to access. In the upper right corner you can monitor real-live monitoring of files, along with a counter for blocked potential dangerous files.     

Panda Global Protection - okno skanowania

Some of the users grumbled about a lower and slower performance of the program in comparison to its previous versions, however, it is quite natural since it's only a Beta version. During my testing I didn't notice any negative of the program on overall operating system's performance speed. New Panda it's worth getting a closer look - in one compact suite you access a complex set of all the tools you may need to feel completely safe, especially when browsing the Internet.  

You can download the program from our website, look in the Security suites category for Panda Global Protection. Remember to choose 2014 BETA version before downloading the program .