Panda Antivirus Pro Download

It's more than just antivirus! The new Panda Antivirus Pro 2012 offers the simplest and most intuitive protection for your computer. Install the latest Panda Antivirus Pro and forget about viruses, spyware, root kits, hackers and Internet crimes. Talk with friends, share photos and videos, do online shopping and use the online bank accounts. With Panda Antivirus Pro, you can perform all these operations without risk.

With the latest smart technology Panda Antivirus is very fast and safe.

What's more, Panda Antivirus Pro 2012 offers maximum protection with minimal consumption of computer resources, what's more, antivirus is easy to use and has an intuitive interface.

Main features of Panda Antivirus Pro:
- Protection against spyware. Prevents the installation of spyware on your computer. Anti-spyware protection prevents malicious software to collect information about you.
- Protection against unknown threats. With the revolutionary TruPrevent Technologies will be available even before the latest malware.
- You are not only protected from viruses, also malicious software of any kind is not allowed to your computer, and it is all for your safety and security of your valuable data.
- Built-in firewall to neutralize all attempts made by the hackers.
- Panda Antivirus Pro also protects the vulnerabilities in the software thus they can not be used by malware or hackers.
- Use antivirus Panda Pro, you will have access to a wide range of services provided by professionals in the field of computer security.

System requirements:
Pentium 300MHz or faster
512MB of memory function using TruPrevent
265 MB free hard disk space
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
Optical Drive CD-ROM


30 days trial