It appears that a certain mobile computer from Acer, while it has not yet been released, did fall under the eye of those that were able to divine the price it will sport once it does show up. Acer might not exactly be going through its best year, but this doesn't mean it has any plans of backing down and fading into obscurity, tablet disruptions or no. It is still among the top five PC makers after all. For those that want a reminder, it was not long ago reported that the company lost its place as third greatest international PC supplier to Lenovo. Still, Acer seems to be taking these lows with stoicism, not shrinking away from going ahead with its laptop plans. One of those plans involves the TravelMate 8481, a laptop aimed at professional and one whose existence was discovered almost a month ago. It so happens that some new information concerning it has emerged, down to the price that prospective buyers will need to pay, in the UK at least. Basically, when Acer starts shipping it, something that is set to occur in August, 2011, it will carry the price of £699 (excluding VAT). The professional mobile computer has, as main piece, an Intel Core-series central processing unit. NVIDIA graphics are present and, thanks to the Optimus graphics switching technology, the discrete GPU automatically takes over for the CPU's built-in HD 3000 whenever needed. Acer made sure that 8 GB of RAM are available to support intensive tasks, while storage space is provided by either a hard disk drive (320 GB) or a solid state drive (64 GB). What's more, the company threw in an USB 3.0 connector, Bluetooth, Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11n Wi-Fi, plus a 14-inch display with a native resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels (HD). Finally, all the hardware is packed inside a magnesium-aluminum frame with an anti-shock mechanism for the HDD, plus dust protection and metal hinges.