There might be a simpler explanation on why Apple is so adamant on getting at least some small win in the courts against Samsung. That explanation may be the fact that any design-related legal precedent could allow Apple to further annoy Samsung in the event the Korean giant brings a superior product to the market. Many think that Apple is trying to get those 10 percent of the tablet market that Samsung has, but the reality is that the Cupertino giant is actually preparing for the likely event that some company might actually release a superior competing product. The obvious candidate for such a feat is Samsung with their rumored P10 WQXGA tablet, sporting a 2560 by 1600 pixel resolution with a display density of 256ppi. This product might have it all. We’ve reported here about the impressive performance of Samsung’s next generation ARM Cortex A15 processor which is very likely to end up inside the P10. Thus, Samsung’s next tablet will have a bigger screen, a higher resolution, mainly the same pixel density, more computing power and a larger battery allowed by the increased size. It seems like Apple is not quite ready with an alternative and the company doesn’t want to let Samsung enjoy this possible win. Sure, the American tablet expert might come with something superior in the future, but that new generation iPad seems to be far enough so that Samsung might enjoy six or even twelve months of superiority and good sales. This would not only allow Samsung to increase its market share, but it would also embed it as a true and superior alternative to Apple’s products and that’s something the Cupertino giant fears the most.