Windows 8.1 (preview) may not be the best if one considers all the bugs in this release, but it comes with a better integration of SkyDrive services. With this update you can not only view and browse your data via built-in SkyDrive application, but also make these cloud files accessible offline.

Since SkyDrive offers 7 GB of free cloud storage space, allowing you to keep all your desktop data Internet-accessible, this service is becoming increasingly popular. It also allows you to gain access to Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint with free Office Web Apps. In Windows 8.1 Microsoft has taken a step further, making it possible for you to access your SkyDrive files even when you want to work offline.

To access your data offline start by opening SkyDrive from Modern UI and choose the Settings from the charms bar. In here you can turn on offline access to all the files you store on SkyDrive. Once you have enabled offline access the files will be downloaded by SkyDrive onto your PC.

Another way round, you can pick up specific folders when in Windows Explorer, right-click on them and choose "Make available offline" option.