The majority of changes introduced by Google on YouTube in the past few months was revolving around the interface and social networking features. While many of these twickles has not been met with much of the users' appreciation, the company has finally modified another aspect of the service - the one that may make it way more useful.

Officially the change is only available when using Chrome. When YouTube subpages are overloaded (for example when you click on a related video) your browser no longer downloads the whole website from the servers and only gets the new elements instead.

Szybszy YouTube

The elements of the service that are identical on the both old and new subpage are not loaded once more. This way users earn a couple of extra seconds, and the website works much faster. The biggest efficiency changes get those who use slower Internet connections.

In this case the browser uses only the features available in HTML5. The program remembers the display of the previous website, allowing you to easily use the Go Back button. You can tell if the feature is on by taking a look at the YouTube's address bar: while navigating there should be a red progress bar below it.

Although officially it has only been made for Chrome users, this modification can also be installed for Opera 15 (and higher) users. Firefox lovers can make the best of that improvement by installing the User Agent Switcher extension and change the browser's identificator to "Chrome".