Blizzard has announced that select retailers around the world will open at midnight on the 27th of July to celebrate the launch of Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty. Members of the development team of the game will join the party to sing copies of StarCraft II and to meet the fans. Some store will organize various activities, including competitions and tournaments, that will give players a chance to win great StarCraft-related prizes. The main event in North America will take place at the Fry's Electronic store in Fountain Valley, California. Blizzard developers will be on site and on-stage multiplayer matches, live music and other activities will be organized. Other midnight launches on the North American continent will be organized in the United States by Best Buy, GameStop and Wal-Mart and in Canada by Future Shop and GameStop. Most of the local stores of these retailer will be participating in the event. StarCraft II will be launching at midnight in Ciudad de Mexico as well, where gamers will get to meet Salvador Arditti from the cinematics team and community manager Santiago Baranda. StarCraft II fans living in the United Kingdom will have the opportunity to get their copy right when it launches Game's Oxford Street store in London, where they will also have the chance to meet with Carl Chimes, lead software engineer. Media Markt will be holding the launch event in Berlin, Germany and Rob McNaughton, lead technical artist, will be participating. French strategists will meet with Dustin Browder, the game director of StarCraft II, at, on the fabled Champs-Elysées in Paris. In Russia, the midnight opening will take place at a Media Markt store in Moscow and Tony Hsu, the game producer of StarCraft II, will be joining in the fun and excitement. A new trailer has recently been released to keep the fans pepped up for the launch of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, detailing some of the plot-lines of the single player campaign. It, of course, rises to the high quality standards imposed by all Blizzard cinematic trailers, as can be seen here.