After creating some of the most accurate iPhone 5 mockups ahead of its official unveiling, Gizmodo reader Martin Hajek is back with a bunch of iPad mini renderings that make a solid case for the upcoming tablet. If Apple ends up pursuing the designs floating around the web as leaks, Hajek’s renderings might just show us exactly what the iPad mini will look like. Even more so if the Cupertino giant decides to give it some pop, just like with the iPod touch. Apple this year is shipping the first multi-color iPod touches since the popular device was originally introduced five years ago. For those who thought Apple would never go down that route, apparently they did. They’re also shipping an all-new version of the iPod nano. Also anodized, and also in a splash of colors. It’s “nanochromatic” all over again. With the rumored launch event of the iPad mini just weeks away, wouldn’t this be the perfect opportunity to seal the deal for the perfect holiday gift? Martin Hajek seems to think so, and he’s created these beautiful renderings for the entire world to see what could well be the final design of Apple’s long-rumored mini tablet. At this point, it would actually be a shame for Apple not to confirm its existence. The gallery below includes a comparison between the iPhone 5, the current-selling iPad, and the rumored iPad mini stuck in the middle. The screen of the iPad mini is noticeably larger than the iPhone’s, and not much smaller than the iPad’s. If Apple releases this thing in a rainbow of colors, the company’s scheme to take over the entire tablet industry may unfold exactly as planned. Who wouldn’t want this under their Christmas tree?