In the latest version of Google Chrome, which can be downloaded from our website, you will find a lot of new features. Some of these features include voice recognition support and security extensions.

In addition to this, the new update offers the blocking of silent extension installation and improved support for HTML5 as well as WebGL. As usual, Google has spend vast sums of money on developers who reported vulnerabilities in the browser. But the most interesting feature that appeared in Chrome 25 is the newly added Web Speech API.

The inclusion of speech recognition feature, may prove interesting in the future as the developers can integrate speech recognition into their web apps for Chrome. It’s another big step toward posting Web-related solutions that will allow users to create dictations and issue voice commands.

How will it look like in practice? Just visit the website designed by engineers from Mountain View which shows some basic capabilities of Web Speech API, for example we can dictate documents, emails, control game characters and do other sort of things. This is just one of the simplest applications, but sooner or later, the Chrome Web Store will probably bring out much more complex applications that will integrate the latest technologies in Chrome 25.

The latest update also includes one experimental feature borrowed from Chrome OS. Talking about app launcher, a little window that features links to frequently used programs in one place. Until now, this features was only available on the Chrome OS. As of today, it is available for Windows, but we will be able to try it out soon on Linux and OS X.. As the new feature is not enabled by default, if you want to run launcher you need to go to chrome://flags/ and choose the option :"Show Chrome Apps Launcher". After restarting the browser you will be presented with an icon on the Windows task bar, containing nine white squares.