You're browsing the Internet and a wild popup appears, even though the blocker is enabled. Or maybe you wanted to upload something on Wordpress but the window didn't show up? Here's a bit of advice on handling these problems in Firefox.

Firefox blocks popups automatically – you can see in the Options under content. However, you can add some websites that will be able to launch popups anyway (these are exceptions). Seems comprehensible enough? Well it is; the ultimate problem appears when a popup window appears even though the popup blocker is on.

Why does it happen? If there are any events listed (events are specific actions undertaken by the browser because of a certain line of command in code), some of them may interfere with the blocker. Examples include: change, click, dblckick, mouseup, reset, submit, touchend.

But how should you disable all popups in Firefox? You can accomplish it in a few simple steps. First of all, type about:config in the address bar of the broser, and hit enter.

Should a message appear informing you to remain careful, confirm it to move on.


In the search field typ in or paste dom.popup_allowed_events. All the events that can spawn popups will be highlighted as a result. By double-clicking the preference and removing items you can get rid of these events.

The changes take place immediately; however, some websites based on JavaScript may then not work properly in the beginning. You can, however, click on a blocked popup notification to enable popups on a certain site.