Sleep is a very handy option on your computer, but it is rather common that the sleep mode does not work properly. Sometimes the PC cannot acces the sleep mode at all and just proceeds to shut down. Other times the issue is that the PC fails to revive itself from the sleep mode and the only thing user can do is unplug the PC from the power supply. How to fix those various problems with Windows 8 sleep mode?

Isuess with the sleep mode working properly can be pretty irritating, but fortunately, not always they mean that there is something wrong with the PC itself, and all user has to do is a little bit of digging around the system to bring the sleep mode to its' proper functionality. One does not have to search for the solution blindly – there is a troubleshooting function built-in in the system, that can be accessed in a ways to check the system's sleep mode.

Troubleshooting the sleep mode

In order to lauch the troubleshooting tool, you should access your tile screen and search for 'troubleshooting'.

Now you need to lauch the element that you have found. A new troubleshooting window will come up. To proceed, click the 'View All' button from the left side menu on the left. This action will result in the troubleshooting tool to show you a list a of all of the troubleshooting methods that are available.

You need to find a 'Power' button on the list and proceed with left-clicking it. This function helps you find and fix problems with your computer's power settings to conserve power and extend battery life. It addresses turning your computer on/off, enabling sleep mode or hibernation and all of the battery life issues.

Power troubleshooting window will appear on your screen. Click 'Next' and wait until the tool finishes scanning your computer  in order to detect any problems. If your system will find one, it will automatically try to fix it. Usually the tool work great and detects and fixes all of the issues with sleep mode.

After you have done all the steps above, you need to restart your computer and enable sleep mode. This time everything should be working correctly.