Video game hardware maker Nintendo has announced that it will launch the new Wii U home console in North America on November 18, significantly earlier than the device will be offered on the Japanese home market. The company will also offer two flavors of the Wii U in North America, a basic package which includes the console, a GamePad and two AC adaptors, and a Premium one that comes bundled with a copy of NintendoLand, a mini-game connection that is specifically designed to show off the abilities of the new console. The Basic version of the Wii U will sell for 299.99 dollars (232.4 Euro) while the Premium package will set players back 349.99 dollars (271 Euro). The slate of games that will be available for launch includes: New Super Mario Bros. U, Lego City: Undercover and NintendoLand. The company has not offered any details on how much the titles will sell for.