Sounds like we're not going to need IMs anymore since the quantum leaps in technology enable the browser-based video conference features to thrive.

Google and Mozilla decided to show Microsoft that WebRTC technology can be used compatibly between different types of Internet browsers and together they showed how voice and video chats between the users of different browsers look like. As it turned out, everything run smoothly and those who use Chrome can call on Firefox users without any problems. For the time being this brand new way of communicating is under scrutiny and only the users of Chrome 25 Beta and Firefox Nightly Build can use it.

The programmers in charge of the development of Firefox and Chrome have written a shared note on the blog, stating that they want WebRTC to become a multi-browser real-time communicating platform regardless of the browser of choice. It's the first step towards open real-time communication in the Web.

WebRTC is a technology that allows the users to have voice and video chat by using a mic or a web

camera without any additional applications, they only need a browser. Currently Google, Mozilla, Opera and Maxthon work on developing such features.

Some time ago Microsoft states that they released their own CU-RTC-Web standard since it was not possible to make the connection between various browsers a smooth one. It turned out that the giant from Redmond was wrong; but how will this story end? What are your predictions?