Storing your files in a cloud, synchronizing data, securing your sensitive information – these are probably the first things that come into your mind when you think about Dropbox. However, this popular online sharing service offers much more – take a look yourself!

There are numerous programs that offer storing your data in a cloud, such as Dropbox, Gdrive, SkyDrive, SpiderOak. Though each of them has its advantages and its drawbacks, for quite a while Dropbox seems the most convenient and convincing choice. What can you do with this service? You might have not realized that...

  1. Dropbox allows you to do an automatic backup of your smartphone-based pics.
    All you need to do is to be wired to your PC. Then Dropbox asks whether you'd like to collect and save your photos. Easy, quick and convenient.

  2. You can use Dropbox instead of My Documents.
    By using this you can gain quick access to all your data. Simply click on and dragg the files to Dropbox folder.

  3. You can star the photos you'd like to see offline.
    If you'd like to browse your favourite pictures on a tablet or a smartphone without any Internet connection, just star the files of choice.

  4. You can make a backup of all your Android data.
    Use the DropSpace app to copy all your data from a smartphone. This solution is very useful for those afraid to lose their Android-stored files.

  5. You can listen to the music that is stored in a cloud.
    All you need to do is to copy your music library to Dropbox. Then you can listen to it from any device when you're online.

  6. Dropbox enabled you to share your music and pics.
    Choose “Share a link” and send an access link to your friends by e-mail, a text message or Bluetooth.

  7. Sending really HUGE files is available.
    Go for DROPitTOme, a service that enables sending really substantial files that you can later protect with a password or a unique address to limit the number of people with the access to the data.

  8. You can save your e-mail attachments in Dropbox.
    When you're afraid to lose the attachments you send with an e-mail, just log in on senttodropbox. Your files will be all safe and sound on your account.

  9. Dropbox lets you create a copy of your WordPress blog.
    With a little help from a lightweight plug-in you can create a backup of your Wordpress site. Your Wordpress data is later accessible via your Dropbox account.

  10. Hosing websites is possible with Dropbox.
    Though it may be not a perfect solution, those who seek convenience tend to like it. By using Pancake IO, an online service, you upload a text or HTML file to Dropbox. It is also possible to choose among various graphic designs.

    And what are your other ideas for using Dropbox?