Alcohol 120% Download

With Alcohol 120% you can quickly burn your CDs without any complications. Making copies from CD to CD, recording ISO, MDS, CCD, CUE and CDI images has never been easier.

Though the options could have been not that thin, the program makes it all up with its ripping speeds, versatile character and numerous formats handling. The wizard-based interface is very intuitive and helpful with managing CD images and virtual drives. One of its advantages is that you can save copy settings for audio, game, data, discs.

Along with standard formats, Alkohol 120% can work with the files that were created in other programs, such as BlindRead, CloneCD, CDRWin, DiscJuggler, Nero. The program enables you to read and save subchannels and save data in SAO-RAW and DAO-RAW modes. You can also read and pass bad sectors.

Emulation enables you to mount up to 31 virtual optical reading devices, so the only thing you need are digital duplicates. The program is compatible with all Windows 32 and 64 bit operating systems up to Windows 8.

The demo version of the program can be used up to 15 days before purchasing it. The demo is also functionally restricted. It is, however, such an easy-to-use, user friendly and, most of all, useful application that it is absolutely worth its price. With its multiple functions and simple yet comprehensive options and usage, Alkohol 120% can be qualified as the perfect utility to make copies of your CDs and DVDs. The program is also very useful for the users of netbooks, since they have no physical reading device, to browse and install programs that work only with a CD/DVD in the tray.